Practice Evaluation & Performance Survey

For practices needing a performance review and/or benchmarking strategy, we have developed The ARSI Practice Evaluation and Performance Survey, which provides a comprehensive overview evaluation of your practice’s core competencies. ARSI will evaluate each of the critical components needed for efficient and effective operations:

Human Resources Development
Do you have the right tools, systems, processes, skill sets, and development programs to achieve your goals?

Practice Management Consultation
Do you have the right personnel, processes, policies, procedures, and operations manuals to implement industry best practices?

Practice Resources, Software and Systems
Are your systems and software giving the information and reports you need?

Business Development/Marketing
Is there an effective marketing plan and a structured internal sales program in place at your practice to meet your goals?

Customer Service, Patient Satisfaction, & Program Evaluation
Are you gaining the essential feedback you need to create customer loyalty?

Coding and Reimbursement– Are you coding appropriately for full compliance and appropriate reimbursement?

Billing & Collections– Are you getting appropriate reimbursement from Payors, Patients, and Managed Care?

Insurance and Financial Services– Have you determined the portfolio of professional services your practice needs?

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